TREC - Translational Research Center

About the Translational Research Center (TReC)

The Translation Research Center (TReC) is an important component, serving as a means for rapid and efficient flux of information between basic and clinical research. TReC is financed and organized jointly with another Linné center, DBRM (Developmental Biology for Regenerative Medicine). TReC will serve as a mechanism for rapid testing in advanced animal models and other clinically relevant settings of hypotheses and reagents based on data generated by basic research. Conversely, empirical observations made in the clinic can be explored in depth by cell and molecular biology-based approaches in basic science.

TReC has a Scientficic Board, which consists of Drs. Ernest Arenas, Outi Hovatta, Katarina Le Blanc and Urban Lendahl. In addition to organizing courses, workshops and symposia to bring basic and clinical scientists at KI closer together, an important mission for TReC is also to provide funding for research projects spanning basic and clinical science. The first call for applications to this program will be announced during the Spring 2007, and be repeated annually.